Sasha’s Weddings – Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Almost every single bride I have ever met know the age-old ditty around which the dress, accessories, and full ensemble see, to revolve: (sing it with me!) “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” I never remember hearing about the “sixpence in your shoe” ending of the ditty until much later (it was a primarily British thing, and was a good luck charm for prosperity).

When I was married for the first time, I, too followed the tradition! I wore an old necklace (I think it may have been my mother’s cross – I can’t remember exactly), my dress was new, maybe the necklace was borrowed, and my garter was blue.

It was all good-natured, and simply a symbolic good luck charm thing. The “something old” simply meant ongoing continuity, and then the “new” of course is for the future happiness, followed by the “borrowed” where you’re supposedly borrowing happiness (which makes absolutely NO sense to me at all), and the “blue” is about love and purity – again, makes not a lot of sense.

Anyway, enough of that. Let’s move along and get some good resources up for you! Sound good? Ok, then I’ll be back shortly.